Walk In For Your Chance To Win over 31 MILLION kickbucks in prizes! :)

Starting TODAY until Dec 24, walk in and check in to our partner stores for your chance to win awesome prizes. Visit Best Buy, American Eagle, Target, Wet Seal, Macy’s, Sports Authority, and Simon Malls to get entries each day :)

The grand prize winner will win 4,000,000 kickbucks and will need to rent a truck to carry everything home. What can you get with 4 million kickbucks? We suggest a 60” HDTV from Best Buy, a whole new wardrobe from Macy’s and American Eagle and Wet Seal, a new golf luxury club equipment from Sports Authority, and on your way back from the Simon Mall, a stop by Target to get groceries for the next 4 months, and a whole new living room furniture set :)

Happy holidays! 

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